Street Tracker Update – 2


Used some welding wire to make a model of the tubes I’ll need bent up…….Tri-Angle Metal ¬†will do the bending for me.


I mounted the back tire and positioned it in an approximate bottomed out position to make sure I was going to have clearance.


The old tubes cut off, one of the new bends on top…….now comes the shortening and filing……hours!


Not even going to tell how many hours it took to get to this point, but both new frame rails are in and fit nicely.


Rear view.


Here’s where the bulk of the time was spent……..filing an odd angle/miter……lots of placing the tube in the vise, file away, test fit, repeat.


If you want to do this buy yourself some quality files and a file card to keep them clean……all three of these are second cut files.


Another tire clearance test fit before the welder comes out.


And tack welded in place. Next up is mounting the Moon Eyes oil tank, and then two rear frame spars. I’ll leave everything tacked up until I’m happy with alignment and fit, then I’ll break out the tig welder and finish everything up.


Moon Eyes oil tank in place with lower mount figured out. Tri-Angle Metal Fab laser cut the aluminum oil tank hoops for me……..perfect as always.


I’ll fabricate the upper tank mounts tomorrow.

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