Series 2 109 Update – It’s Close


Painted, plumbed, wired, hydraulics bled and working…….looks like a truck!

The arduous “vent flap seal” job is complete…… just have to leave them closed up for the next three months.

The old 2.25 is ready to fire and time. Fluids have been added and everything stayed in………can’t wait to hear this one finally burning petrol again.

Finishing the riveting of the body cappings and bed strips, and trying desperately to not scratch the fresh paint!

Glad that’s over…….now just add lights and a 3/4 hoop-set, good to go.

Seat box assembly is next. Another job that seems like it should take twenty minutes, but turns into an hours long project. Fifty plus nut’s, bolts, screws, rivets, and one captive in the back corner………..minimum four hands to install, and DO NOT scratch the paint.

Original hardware going back into the seat box captives………pretty cool to have all that old hardware re-plated and looking like new again.

Next up, fire the motor, when I’m happy with it running properly, floors go in, pick-up cab goes on, doors bolted in place, front wings installed, drop the hood in place and wait for some good weather take a drive……which may be a while up here in northern Vermont!

2 Replies to “Series 2 109 Update – It’s Close”

  1. It looks stunning. What’s the plans for this one when you’re finished? Another BaT auction? Gonna keep it for yourself?

  2. Hi Colin, thanks very much. This one will most likely go when finished. I have the twin to it, Ike’s old shop truck, and really can’t just keep stacking these things up. I’ve had a few folks inquire about it so it may go that way, BAT is always an option. Either way, it will be a tough one to part with…….this was a very lucky find that will be tough to duplicate.

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